Location Scouting: How to find the perfect shooting location

As the saying goes, Shooting location is everything. When it comes to producing TV commercials, finding the perfect location can make or break the success of the video. Not only is the setting important in portraying the right message, but it can also affect the overall mood, lighting, and sound quality of the video.

Here are some tips on how to find the perfect shooting location for TV commercial video production in Boston!

Start early and prioritize your needs

One of the most important things to consider when locating the perfect shooting location for your TV commercial is to start early. It’s essential to give yourself enough time when scouting for locations, especially if you’re aiming for a particular season or look. It’s also vital that you prioritize your needs for the shoot when choosing the ideal place. Some of the factors you should consider include lighting, ambient sound, accessibility, and the surrounding environment.

Consider a Shooting location scout

A location scout can save you time and frustration, especially if you don’t have professional experience in scouting for places to film. A location scout can help you find the perfect shooting location by doing the legwork for you. They would research the location, take pictures or videos for reference, and provide you with valuable feedback on possible issues or limitations that you might encounter on the day of the shoot.

Search for Shooting locations online

The internet is a valuable resource when looking for a shooting location for your TV commercial. It’s worth doing some online research, with search engines’ help, to find different types of locations, check out images or videos, and then shortlist your best options. Many locations may display their contact information or website details, and while here, you can cross-reference information and images to determine if they meet your requirements.

Take a walk-around for local scouting

For local scouting, taking a walk around the area or shooting site is an excellent way to get a feel for the environment. It allows you to examine the light, sound, and details that could affect the shoot. You can also get a sense of the vibe and energy of the space to see if it’s suitable for your project. You can inquire with local business owners or property managers to see if they might have your ideal location on their premises or if they know any other suitable places in the area they could suggest.

Explore neighborhood and city council resources

Another valuable source you can use when searching for shooting locations are the local council resources such as the neighborhood associations, parks, or Community Halls. Many have detailed information and images available online or in brochures or pamphlets available at visitor centers or town halls. They can help you find the perfect shooting location – be it the main street where your brand is recognized, a historical or natural landmark, or a hidden gem, in a way that is easily accessible.

Permissions and Permits

When hiring locations for commercial shoots you need to obtain the required permission or permits. It is always your responsibility to meet up with the local council, film or property owner, and insurance requirements. These can significantly impact the cost and complexity of the project or shoot. For the location, permission headcounts include whether reservations are needed, the fee or expenses associated with each location, the type of permit required, and insurance requirements.

When it comes to finding the ideal shooting location for your TV commercial, there’s no substitute for thorough scouting and research. Starting early and addressing priority requirements will help you narrow down your options, be quick in making decisions, and choose the perfect place for commercial video production.

Using Sound and Vision Media‘s green screen video production service in Boston is a great alternative to finding “the perfect location” to shoot a TV commercial because it allows you to create endless possibilities for your background, while still maintaining complete control over every element of your project. With green screen technology, you can transform a small studio into a sprawling landscape, or create a futuristic cityscape without ever leaving the comfort of your own soundstage. Not only does this save time and money on location scouting and travel expenses, but it also allows for more flexibility in your production timeline. Plus, with the expertise and guidance of Sound and Vision Media’s experienced team, you can be sure that your final product will look professional and polished, no matter what background you choose.

A successful project depends on selecting the right location, working with the film authorities, and seeking permission and permits on time. So, once you have found your ideal location, make sure to tick off these essential tasks as quickly as you can.

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