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Web Design is a crucial selling point for any successful company. When consumers are looking at your website the first thing that draws them in is a good website design and can be the make-or-break for if they are going to stay on your website to see what you are offering. People love good visuals and a clean layout, so web design is very important for any company.

web development showing a nice autumn road on multiple devices.

Well versed in HTML and CSS, our team here at Sound and Vision Media can do all of that for you and ensure that the consumers who click onto your website stay around to see what your company is offering. Here are some examples of website designs that we have done here at Sound and Vision Media.


Our Steps to Successful Web Design

When it comes to successful web design, there are no shortcuts so we at Sound and Vision Media will never cut corners. All of the websites we create go through extensive care to ensure that everything looks just the way it should and is running as smoothly as possible. There are three main steps that each website goes through so that it can be fully operational as soon as you get it.


The first step is to create the design as we take all of the information that you have given us and start to think about how the layout should look to convey that information in the best way possible. We pay extra attention to creating a website with user friendly mobile navigation and interactivity. The result is a home page draft that provides a clear and focused direction.


Upon approval of the web design layout, our designers start to build your site. All information from your previous site will be repurposed and if need be, we also offer photo retouching to make sure that all photos on your website look as appealing to the eye as the rest will. The client always stays in the loop during the development phase to ensure that everything is looking exactly how they envisioned it.


This is the last step in our web design process so before launching the site, we meticulously comb through the whole website to ensure that there are no bugs and everything is running smoothly. We will also optimize each page with all pertinent information necessary to make sure that people find you. Once everything is running smoothly the web design process is complete and you can enjoy your new website!

Our Boston Web Design Department is able to meet many of your needs for instance;


Site Creation / Site Management / Database Development / Product Catalogs / Content Management Systems i.e. Joomla / E-Commerce Shopping Carts / Custom Applications / Rich Media Applications (slideshows, moving logos, etc.) / Photo Services (color correction, editing, photoshoots) / Video Services (production and integration) / Audio Services / Search Engine Optimization

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