5 Video Editing Skills Should Have

Video editing skills are essential for creating professional and engaging videos, Being a video editor can be a fun job if you’re a creative person. It’s a way you can make money and also have a creative outlet. Although it can be a fun job for some, it can also be tough and require anyone who is pursuing this career to have a particular skill set.

What responsibilities does a video editor have?

The number one thing you would be responsible for is assembling all of the footage that was taken. Including audio, sound effects, graphics, and more. They are also responsible for:

  • Organizing content
  • Working with a director to come up with a vision
  • Creating rough cuts for clients or the director
  • Synchronizing the audio
  • Reviewing the script, storyboard, and scenes

In Video Editing Skills What do you need?


This is one of the most important skills to have in this industry. Whether it be working on a commercial, movie, or television show, filmmaking is a team effort. You will most likely need to communicate with a director, special effects editor, cinematographer, and sound designer.

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Being able to change things on a whim and not stress out will be extremely helpful. Directors will sometimes need you to cut a scene or change audio right before projects are due to be finished. As usual, working with a team can cause delays or misunderstandings, so being able to quickly fix any mistakes is important.


Being detail-oriented will make editing much easier. At times, there could be copious amounts of footage that you as an editor will need to go through and organize. In addition to being detail-oriented, having a good organizational system and remembering where you placed footage is a must. Paying attention to the details of the shots will help you find the best takes that should be used for the edit.

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As previously mentioned, there could be times when an abundance of footage needs to be organized. Remembering where the footage was placed and even how the scenes go will help you work more efficiently. It also allows you to avoid constantly having to look at the script.


Finally, one more important skill to have is the ability to network and make friends easily with others. Video editing jobs are not always permanent. Many times you will have to go out and find jobs yourself. Befriending others during other projects, handing out business cards, and showing off your portfolio/demo reel can help others remember you and even tell you about other jobs they may know about or need help on.

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Although it may seem daunting at first, video editing Skills could be the right job for you if you have all of the skills listed above. If you’re just beginning your career as a video editor, check out our previous blog on video editing tutorials for beginners.

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