Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Boston Video Production Company

It can be a challenge to choose the right video production company for your project. There are so many out there that seemingly produce high-quality work. Before selecting any company, be sure to ask these 10 questions. Asking them will ensure that you are choosing the right partner that can meet all of your video production needs!

Before Hiring a Boston Video Production Company, ask:

A woman in a beige blazer is shaking hands with a man and a woman sitting across from her.1. What is your experience in the industry?

When considering a Boston video production company, it’s important to understand their experience in the industry. Usually, a more experienced company will be better at handling any unexpected challenges that may arise during the shoot. Not only that, but they will have more work under their belts to show you, which brings us to the next question.

2. Can you provide examples of past work?

Looking at a company’s portfolio can help give you an idea of what their style, versatility, and the quality of their work is. It’s also a good idea to ask for examples of prior work they’ve done on similar projects to what you want. For example, if you need a video that is a corporate interview, ask if they’ve made any for previous clients. This will let you see if your vision matches with theirs.

3. What services do you offer?

Boston video production companies often provide a range of services from pre-production to post production. Before hiring a Boston video production company, you should make sure they can provide you with all of the services you need for your project including: scriptwriting, cinematography, animation, and/or special effects. This ensures that the project will be completed without needing anymore outside help and no time will be wasted if they cannot provide you with everything your project needs. 

4. Who will be working on my project?

Getting a feel of the team that works for the potential Boston video production company you might hire can help in your decision. Ask about the specific team members that will be involved, including their roles and their experience. Understanding the qualifications of the people you will be trusting with your project can give you more confidence in the completed video.

A crumbled piece of paper with a question mark drawn on in black.

5. What is your production process?

A well-defined production process is a sign of a professional video production company. Before hiring a Boston video production company, asking the potential company to explain how they work will also help you understand what to expect during each phase of the project, milestones and timelines. These phases can include how they plan, shoot and edit videos.

6. Can you provide references?

Hearing from the company’s previous clients can give you valuable insights into their reliability and work ethic. Asking for these references or reviews can help you decide if their communication skills, professionalism, and their ability to meet deadlines, line up with yours. They may even have testimonials they could show you.

7. What are the estimated timelines for my project?

It’s important to understand the timeline of the project, especially if you have a deadline. Before hiring a Boston video production company ask the company of your choice to give you an estimated timeline of the pre and post production. For example,

  • When will the filming begin and end?
  • How long will the editing take?, etc.

These questions will determine if the company can meet your schedule.

8. How do you handle revisions and feedback?

Revisions are a major part of the video production process. There will always be certain aspects of your video that you may want/need to change. Asking the company how many revisions they offer or any additional costs there may be for them will help you not only manage your budget but your expectations, as well.

9. What is your pricing structure?

Before hiring a Boston video production company, be sure to discuss the company’s pricing structure upfront to prevent any misunderstanding from happening later down the line. Ask them to give you a detailed quote that includes aspects of the pre and post production process. Getting an idea of what their pricing model is, whether it’s project or hourly based or a combination of both, will help you manage your budget much more efficiently.

10. How do you measure success?

Another important aspect to think about before hiring a Boston video production company is how they measure their success. Ask about the metrics they use to evaluate the effectiveness of their projects they create to see if they align with your goals. This can include viewers engagement, conversion rates, or even KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Conclusion to Hiring a Boston Video Production Company

Asking these important questions before hiring a Boston video production company can help ensure you choose one that’s best for you and your project. By understanding their experience, services, team, pricing, and more you can make a more informed decision that will give you a successful production experience. By investing in a Boston video production company, you are investing in the future of you and/or your company. Contact us today for a quote and learn more about how Boston Video Production can bring your vision to life.


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