Video Marketing Production: Our own strategies to get the best results!

Go Visual or Go Home

Video marketing production has taken over the way people are viewing new services and products across the world. Video content on the internet has the highest click-through rates on most platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and especially Youtube. Videos are shared up to TWELVE times more than photos and text combined.

This shows just how powerful an engaging video can be. When it comes to marketing strategies, an engaging video online will reach the largest number of viewers, and will create the most interlacement with your company, and the viewer.

Create an exceptional, authentic & strategic video production on time, on budget, with measurable results.


As the percentage of potential customers watching video grows, Brands without a video marketing strategy are left behind.

The importance of video marketing production is becoming too insurmountable to ignore and companies without a video marketing strategy are getting left behind when it comes to how many consumers they are reaching with their marketing.

As seen in the chart above, billions of videos are viewed in a day with over a billion users online ready to learn about you.

At Sound and Vision Media, we make it simple for your company to achieve a dynamic online presence, attract more customers, and increase your sales.

When discussing your project, our team reviews the following factors.

Audience: It is important to have a target audience for your content. The pre-production process determines your intended audience to maximize your marketing campaign, which then creates a direction for how the video content can be crafted towards reaching the specified audience.

Goal: It’s a turn-key process. Your goal is our goal and we will help you piece everything together to create the perfect video for marketing your company.

Distribution: What are the best video distribution options based on your industry, audience, and goals? Sound and Vision Media will evaluate your website, social footprint, and recommended platforms appropriate for your company.

Vision: Our goal is to make your vision come to life and in order to have a successful production, there needs to be a vision of what you would like to see for your video marketing strategy. Our goal is then to make that vision a reality and create something that sets you apart from the rest.

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