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Are you looking for a creative and effective way to promote your business in Boston? Our Video Production Company can take your marketing to the next level!

Sound and Vision Media creates content for various purposes, such as advertising, marketing, entertainment, and education. The process can involve multiple techniques, such as scripting, filming, editing, and post-production. In addition, it can be done for various platforms, including TV, social media, and websites.

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Video Production and Audio Studios Location at 372 Squire Rd, Revere MA 02151 (781) 284-9707

Administration and Consultation Location at 100 State Street, Boston MA 02109 (617) 583-5099

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We help grow your business rapidly

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Having a professional look and level of quality sets you apart from the competition. Sound and Vision Media will help you achieve the professional standards that your company deserves and your potential customers/clients demand. Watch your business grow after your creation of a professional website or a high quality video and marketing services to match.

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30+ years

Completed Successfully

3000+ projects

Is video production in demand?

Yes, video production is in high demand in today’s digital age. With the rise of online platforms, social media, and streaming services, there is an increasing need for high-quality video content. Individuals and businesses alike use videos for marketing, entertainment, training, education, and various other purposes. This demand for video production services has created opportunities for professionals and companies in the industry.

Is video production lucrative?

Video production can be a lucrative field, especially if you establish yourself as a skilled professional or run a successful video production company. The profitability of video production depends on factors such as the quality of your work, your reputation, client base, and the scale of projects you undertake. It’s worth noting that the industry can be competitive, so building a strong portfolio, delivering excellent results, and consistently meeting client expectations are key to maximizing your earning potential.

How do I start video production?

To start video production, you can follow these general steps:

a. Learn the fundamentals: Familiarize yourself with the basics of video production, including camera operation, lighting, sound recording, editing, and post-production techniques. You can find online tutorials, courses, or even attend workshops to gain the necessary skills.

b. Get the right equipment: Invest in essential video production equipment, such as a camera, tripod, lighting equipment, microphones, and editing software. The specific gear you’ll need depends on your intended niche and the scale of projects you plan to undertake.

c. Build a portfolio: Start creating your own video projects to showcase your skills. This could include personal projects, collaborations, or even offering your services at a reduced rate or for free to build your portfolio.

d. Network and collaborate: Connect with other professionals in the industry, such as videographers, editors, and producers. Collaborating with like-minded individuals can help you gain experience, expand your network, and potentially lead to paid opportunities.

e. Market your services: Establish an online presence through a website or social media platforms. Create a strong portfolio showcasing your best work, and actively market your services to potential clients. Networking, attending industry events, and leveraging online platforms can help you find clients and projects.

4. What does a video production company offer?

A video production company offers a range of services related to video creation. The specific offerings may vary based on the company’s expertise and focus, but generally, a video production company can provide:

a. Concept development: Assisting clients in shaping their ideas and developing concepts for video projects.

b. Pre-production: Handling tasks such as scriptwriting, storyboarding, location scouting, casting, scheduling, and organizing logistics.

c. Production: Capturing video footage, managing camera operation, directing talent, capturing audio, and overseeing the overall production process.

d. Post-production: Editing the raw footage, adding visual effects or graphics, color grading, sound design, and finalizing the video for distribution.

e. Distribution and delivery: Assisting clients in distributing their videos through various channels such as websites, social media platforms, television, or cinema.

f. Additional services: Some video production companies may offer additional services like animation, motion graphics, drone videography, live streaming, virtual reality (VR), or 360-degree video production.

It’s important to note that the specific services provided by a video production company can vary, so it’s advisable to research and connect with companies in Boston to get a better understanding of their offerings.

Remember, starting a video production venture requires dedication, creativity, and continuous learning. Building a strong skill set, delivering high-quality work, and providing exceptional customer service will contribute to your success in the field.

Having a professional look and level of quality sets you apart from the competition. Sound and Vision Media will help you achieve the professional standards that your company deserves and your potential customers/clients demand. Watch your business grow after your creation of a professional website or a high quality video and marketing services to match.

We’re In Business

30+ years

Completed Successfully

3000+ projects

Sound and Vision Media Boston Video Production

Over the last 30 years, Sound and Vision Media has been dedicated to providing the best video production services around Boston. Our Boston video production services have gathered hundreds of 5-star reviews and always leave our clients with a final production that they can be proud of.

Our team here at Sound and Vision Media strives every day to better ourselves and the company. We are constantly setting new standards for the industry, and for ourselves. The professional, and friendly environment that we have here inspires creativity and pushes the boundaries of video production. We strive to always to give companies a unique, tried, and trustworthy 5-star service.

Our first-class service shoots, edits, and produces the best quality videos for television, corporate productions, promotions, websites, and much more. The video, and tv production services that we offer are setting new standards every day around the Boston area. Our team can generate your creative content and make sure that you hit your target audience every time! Here at Sound ad Vision Media are all about great creativity that will get you the results. Meet our team and get in touch with us right now!



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Sound and Vision Media Best Boston Video Production
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Michael HalimonMichael Halimon
05:14 25 Nov 22
Sound and Vision Media Boston Video Production was fantastic to deal with from start to finish! Their ability to fold multiple off-site presenters and pre-recorded messages into a seamless production was truly remarkable. Their graphics and flawless transitions produced fabulous results. The feedback from our membership was impressive and they are to be commended.
Jason DouglasJason Douglas
08:59 31 Oct 22
Sound and Vision Media did an incredible job with our VIP series shoot! Being that there were 30 people on set, all having different levels of experience and expectation...It took a very talented team to not only meet but exceed the expectations for this project. I highly recommend them for anyone in Boston looking for amazing results within their budget and schedule.
Jay MayerJay Mayer
11:05 30 Oct 22
I wholeheartedly recommend Sound and Vision Media! They were professionals from start to finish, handling our first virtual event with seamless grace. Our clients loved the final product and I was incredibly impressed with how smoothly everything went - better than I could have ever imagined! The team was phenomenal at not only providing the requested services but also giving strategic guidance on how to present a polished and professional product for all of our clients. Working with Indigo helped us feel confident and proud of the final product we were presenting, despite it being completely virtual! :) We hope to have the opportunity to work with Mark and Sound and Vision again in the future!
Joey BertolinoJoey Bertolino
21:13 07 Oct 22
Had the great pleasure and opportunity to work with the talented and incredible video production and creative team on an important Boston video production. What a great experience! Thank you Sound and Vision Media!
Joey OliveriJoey Oliveri
16:31 23 Feb 22
As an intern at Sound and Vision Media, the team here is better than I could’ve ever expected. The creativity and the constant strive for excellence is unlike anywhere I have worked. Mark, Charles, Mike, Kevin, and the rest of the team all bring something unique to Sound and Vision Media.Charles is who is overseeing my internship and has been an amazing mentor. I have learned so much already just from the talks I get to have with him throughout the day. Mike is one of, if not the best Adobe professional I’ve been able to meet. His portfolio for his company, MikeADV, is incredible. I am still learning a lot about Adobe products and he is often the person I go to for guidance. His teaching skills are helping me quickly understand a lot about editing, web development, and more every day. Kevin has an understanding of equipment and editing that is unmatched. For any problem that may occur before a production Kevin has a back up plan for everything to make sure everything runs smoothly. He is an amazing editor who is thorough and efficient, and there is a lot to learn from him. The owner, Mark, has a drive for success like I’ve never seen. There is no off day for him and he is always on the move to make sure everyone, and every production is successful.The creativity is always flowing through this building, coming up with new ideas and new ways to make every production unique. It has taught me a lot about thinking outside of the box and ways that I can improve my own productions. I am very grateful that I have this opportunity to be here and I look forward to coming in every day to learn something new.
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Boston Video Production

As New England’s most trusted corporate video production company, the team here at Sound and Vision Media works hard for our clients. Sound and Vision Media has been of service to the Boston area for over 35 years. Over that time, we have served thousands of clients to meet all of their video production needs. Sound and Vision Media will never limit your video productions with all kinds of opportunities coming from our professional drone videography. high-tech equipment, and most importantly, our green screen studio.

Green Screen Studio

Our Green Screen Studio is fully equipped with everything needed to make your next production a success. With green screen, there are so many more possibilities that open up to make your production as creative and unique as possible. Green screen lifts any limitations that you may have had for your production. You should never settle for anything but the best for your company so why restrict yourself?

The creative team here at Sound and Vision Media is here to work with you. We are here to help create something that will stand out amongst the rest. Every video production that we produce is unique and never boring. We will never settle for anything less than the best for you, and you shouldn’t either. That’s why the next time you have to choose a video production company, you should go with Sound and Vision Media, the best video production, Boston has to offer!

Sound and Vision Media Does it All!

We do it all. Whether it be tv commercials, marketing video production, live streams, webcasts, etc. We have years of experience in making every form of video production a success. Even if video production is not what you are looking for, thanks to our adobe professional, and owner of MIKEADV, Mike Miranda, we also provide graphic design, web design, and web development services. Call us today to find out more about what we can do for you! We look forward to hearing from you!