4 More Tips on How to Create Social Media Engagement Posts

In today’s world, social media engagement posts are a crucial part of any business. Gaining a following can help you get more customers and share your product/services. Here are some helpful tips that may help. Be sure to check out last week’s post for more tips on the subject!

Use Your Content

One important tip to remember is using your content is always the best option. Creating original stuff people haven’t seen before will allow you or your brand to stick out amongst others. Blog articles on updates of your business/products are one way that can help. Carousels or listicles on social media can also be a great way to share information.

Create Quizzes

A fun way to engage your audience/potential followers is by posting quizzes. Buzzfeed became popular for their quizzes that may seem odd such as What Kind of Croissant Are You? but it kept people coming back. It’s entertaining for people and gives them a break from the constant ads that are littered on social media.

Use the Best Hashtags

Using the right hashtags is another super important way to get seen. Best Hashtags is a great tool that can assist with this. You enter one hashtag and it will give you tons more to choose from. Also, make sure the ones you are using aren’t too overused. Your posts could just get lost in all of the others.

Use Humor

Humor is an amazing way to connect with others. Making your audience laugh will not only allow you to connect with them, but it may lead to them sharing your page/content with others and can be a way people identify your brand. Posting memes with a twist that works for your company or asking fun questions are some examples of humorous posts.

funny meme with people laughing


Hopefully, these four tips will be able to help you on your social media journey. Last week’s blog post was also on this topic and listed four other tips. Check back in the future for more information on other video production topics.

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