How should I start to learn video editing?

Video editing software

So, you want to learn video editing? Here are some tips on where to begin. Number one: Figure out which software you want to use. There are many different programs you can use. iMovie is one of the more user-friendly editing software. If you never edited anything before and don’t need to learn anything intricate, this may be the software for you. Unfortunately, it is only available on iMacs and it is a limiting program. Final Cut Pro X is another software that is only available for Mac users. It’s more professional software than iMovie. It has much more of a variety of advanced features. It is similar to Premiere. Unlike Final Cut Pro, Premiere is not just purchased once. Instead, you have to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud. This can be a con because of the price, but a pro because it comes with many more programs. Here’s a more detailed look at Final Cut Pro vs. Adobe Premiere.

Learning the skill

Now that you’ve chosen video editing software, you can begin learning. One of the best FREE places to start looking is Youtube and/or online blogs. Some channels/sites to check out are:

There are also a ton of other places to learn besides Youtube and blogs, such as Skillshare. This one isn’t free, but you can learn from professionals, complete courses, and even share your practice work with others.

Practice, practice, practice

The best way to learn anything is to PRACTICE. Use any footage you have or can get and try out different techniques and/or tricks. Even just basic video editing, such as cutting clips at the right times! There are tons of websites where you can get free stock footage to practice editing with if you don’t have your own. Some are:

Once you have the basic skill down and you’re ready to freelance as a video editor, you can check out one of our previous posts about how to become a freelance video editor.

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