On the Road to Justice: Barry Feinstein Personal Injury Attorney

A Little About Barry

I have had the opportunity to work with Attorney Barry Feinstein for many years now, as a copywriter, producer, and director of so many of his iconic Personal Injury television commercials. Through this process, I am proud to call Barry a good friend and an excellent well-versed attorney, as well. After knowing Barry through the years, I basically tried to learn some of the secrets to his continued success. He did give me a few nuggets in a recent conversation. I wanted to share what I learned from Mr. Feinstein with you.

What Makes a Good Personal Injury Attorney

Barry Feinstein recently told me that being a good Personal Injury Attorney comes down to a few basic fundamentals. First of all, you must always be learning about people and that there is a fundamental decency of people. Barry spoke about the importance of respecting others and understanding their feelings. “People are good”, says Feinstein, “and they are only seeking to be respected and to be understood. It is up to a good Personal Injury Attorney to understand that they are desirous of accountability, and justice. Also, to be able to convey this to the Insurance Companies, the Defendants, the Judges, and the Juries.

“Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people, and you need to make sense of what happened. Then do your best in lending a guiding and caring hand to help put their lives back together again”.

I asked Barry to elaborate on this a bit. Barry said: “You really have to feel their pain, and compassion is truly a lost art that I think all attorneys need to embrace more these days”.

How to Treat Clients

“If you don’t really care about your clients, they will quickly pick up on this and find someone who does care. If I am chosen, it is a matter of honor and personal obligation to truly do all that is possible to get clients what they deserve. These again all go back to the basic principles of every person’s yearning for accountability and justice. Once you become truly compassionate with your client, then that compassion must be conveyed furthermore to the Insurance Companies, Defendants, Judges, and the Juries”.

“In our line of work”, says Feinstein, “everything is observed and you must always hold tightly to this level of accountability and feel your client’s basic need for justice. These principles have to hold true for every single client, or potential client that I have the honor to meet or speak with. And in our system of justice today, this is all quantified into the damages that must be awarded”.

“As we move together to seek a level of damages that both myself and my client feel are truly fair, and whoever has done them harm understands our level of persistence and the accountability that my client really needs, then we are moving towards a mutually acceptable situation”.

One Last Question

I asked Barry at the end of our interview if there was anything else. “Of course, there is a lot more Mark”, said Feinstein, “and I cannot reveal all of my secrets”. This was the second smile that I got out of Barry, aside from the time when I met with him to begin this interview. At this point, I could see that the old adage is true, “if you want something done right, ask a busy man to do it”. Barry was indeed busy that day, and I was grateful for his time.

Barry Feinstein is a well-seasoned, experienced attorney, who graduated from Northeastern University. He received his law degree from the New England School of Law. His areas of expertise include:

  • personal injury
  • worker’s compensation,
  • medical malpractice
  • sexual harassment
  • litigation and appeals
  • toxic torts
  • motor vehicle accidents
  • nursing homes
  • product liability law
  • social security disability

In addition to her areas of professionalism and expertise, Barry Feinstein’s contributions to the legal field and her participation in relevant professional organizations should be mentioned if they show any awards, accolades, or experience to re-establish her position in the industry. is eligible Community involvement or discussing an activity can also signal a commitment to justice beyond professionalism. Also, by examining specific techniques or strategies within his practice, one can gain insight into his success as a personal injury attorney. Finally, when it comes to specific publications, presentations, or oral works in which he has participated, this can demonstrate his knowledge and influence in the legal field.

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