5 Video Edit Tutorials for Beginners

Video editing is an important part of the video production process. If you’re just starting out, it can be overwhelming. Here are some short video editing tutorials from Youtube that can help you out. These tutorials are for Premiere Pro, but there are other programs out there, as well.

This quick video editing tutorial is all about how to trim and cut your videos in Premiere Pro. Javier mostly talks about how to stop using the razor tool. He also shows you how to use the Ripple edit tool and keyboard shortcuts to help make the process easier.

This tutorial is all about creating text animations. Text can be an important part of certain types of video content. Being able to make the text move keeps the video interesting and maybe something a client wants to keep viewers interested.

3. Premiere Pro: How to Add Transitions Between Clips

by Adobe in a Minute

This video editing tutorial is all about transitions. It’s a quick video that can help you navigate by adding transitions in between your video clips. Transitions are another important part of the editing process. They can help make going from each clip smoother rather than just having harsh cuts.

4. Audio Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 for Beginners | Everything You Need To Know!

This tutorial is a 10-minute one all about audio. Once again, another important part of video production is audio. If your video has bad audio that will be a problem. Making sure to have it at the correct levels and getting rid of white noise are just some of the things you should learn about audio.

5. How to color correct like a PRO! | Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 for Video Editing

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