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Westford is a quaint rural town located in the Middlesex County Region of Massachusetts. It is slightly smaller than the average of local towns with a population that is just below the 25,000 mark of individuals.

The local town neighboring Westford is Chelmsford which Westford was originally a part of before gaining its own Independence. It was known as West Chelmsford and was just a small village that was a part of the community of Chelmsford Massachusetts. This little village to the west side of Chelmsford grew to not be so little and gained enough of a population to govern itself and was then incorporated as its own Westford in 1729.

Due to its natural environment and structure of nature around Westford, their primary productions were apples, granite, and yarn. The yarn that was produced was specifically worsted yarn produced by the Worsted Company, which is rumored to be the first company out of the nation of yarn producers to use camel hair as an alternative to create their yarn.

A historic hero of the American Revolutionary war was Paul Revere and his son attended the major school in the Westford area, Westford Academy. Some of Paul Revere’s great works are blessed to be a part of the Westford school systems as one of his bell casts sits within the Westford Academy lobby.

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