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Westborough is a quiet little town located in Worcester County, the central most county within Massachusetts. This cute little town is on the smaller side with its population being over 21,000 individuals in just around 7,000 households and buildings. The town of Westborough became incorporated into the state in the year 1717 and has a government system of an open town meeting style. This means there is a board of 5 members who do all of the usual governance duties that another government style would do.

Although having some relatively close history, Westboroughs past spans all the way back before written knowledge as it was a location of a crossroads used quite a lot thousands of years ago. It is said that this region was in use as far back as 7,000 BCE, where it was used by the prehistoric peoples at the local Assabet and Sudbury Rivers where there were important traveling points.

In the years of CE, Specifically 1200 to 1600 CE, the local native migrations brought around Nipmuc Indians as this region harbored great hunting and fishing regions for these tribes. Westborough used it as an important crossroad connecting the “Old Connecticut path” to the “Narragansett Trail” from west and south connecting one another.

These trails were very very important for the foundation of Westborough as the early settlers and earliest explorer John Oldman used them to find fertile land within the region and lay claim to the territory. Lake Chauncy was a body of water located in the western most borough of the neighboring town Marlborough, and the first settlers’ families started the foundation of Westborough there.

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