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Wellesley is a beautiful town located within the Norfolk County region of Massachusetts. Wellesley is in the region south of Boston and is a part of the Greater Boston area. The current population of individuals in Wellesley is just about 30,000, making it close to the average population size of local towns. Wellesley is a very popular region for higher education as it is a host area for colleges such as Babson College, Massachusetts Bay Community College, and Wellesley College campuses.

Before Wellesley became its own town, it was a part of two other popular locations within the local area. It was settled first as a part of the quaint town of Dedham MA, and then became a part of Needham. Once it transitioned to Needham for so long, it actually became known as West Needham rather than its own town/settlement. The town was put to a vote in 1880 to secede from their major region of Needham and become their own prosperous town, and the vote passed creating the great town of Wellesley.

Once growing into its own popularity and historic values, a designated historic area was made on Cottage Street and the local connected alleys. This area became a protected zone or district and the buildings and locations here have stayed since this declaration was passed in 1860.

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