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Tewksbury is a quiet rural town that lies within the Middlesex County region of Massachusetts. It’s about average size for a local town of the area and has around 31,000 individuals that make up its population.

Tewksbury was settled in 1637, but before it was Tewksbury it was a part of the region of the town of Billerica to its southwest. Roughly 100 years later Tewksbury was incorporated and broke off from the Billerica region to become a town of its own. Interest, Tewksbury’s name is unlike a lot of local towns as it matches a town within England but there is no known history that it was taken from the town of Tewkesbury, England. Although they are not directly connected to one another, through their namesake the two towns have stayed connected through some local committees.

One of the most important, oldest, and historic regions of the town is the one that surrounds the Shaw sheen River. The Shaw shin tribe had settled here and the river was a huge source of food and travel for the native tribe.

Another historic fact of the town of Tewksbury was a notable visit from President Andrew Jackson, who came to Brown’s Tavern, a local popular spot of Tewksbury.

One notable event was a tornado that had moved along the edge of the Shaw sheen River destroying most everything in its path. It travelled the length of the town and beyond and had the strength to destroy barns and trees and blow away cattle. This occurred in 1857 and is quite an obscure occurrence for this region of the country.

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