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Reading is a quiet little town that is within Middlesex County and is located just 16 miles above to the north of Boston. Reading is on the smaller quiet side as its total population of individuals stands at just about 25,500.

The early history of the town of Reading starts through the bay colonies. The English would come over in the early 1600’s and typically land in the ports of Lynn and Salem within this area. Some of the individuals from the town of Lynn requested for an area that could become an inland plantation, and they won their petition. They were given an original 6 miles of area and then 4 more on top of that for 10 square miles of plantation zones. This first settlement was located on the southern shore of Lake Quannapowitt and was a little village known as “Lynn Village ”. The title of Lynn Village did not last long as it was changed to Reading, taken from the town of Reading England, in the year 1644 when it was incorporated.

Less than a decade after Reading’s incorporation, they began to branch out and grow even larger. A grant was given to the town for land north above the Ipswich River, which would become its own separate town known as North Reading. Both of the towns Reading and North are full of beautiful scenic locations that are fantastic locations for any sort of video production.

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