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Quincy is a popular coastal city that makes up an important part of the Norfolk County region. Quincy is an area that is located near very popular areas as it makes up the southern suburbs of the Boston area and also makes up the largest portions of its county and a portion of the metropolitan area. Quincy pushes its way into the top ten ranks of largest population of the states, standing in 7th place with a population just over 100,000 at exactly 101,636. Quincy has been given the title of the City of Presidents as there is a large number of presidential and congressional individuals born in this area. John Quincy and John Adams are two presidents that were born in the city of Quincy, and another important figure is John Hancock.

Before Quincy became Quincy, it was a part of a few other local towns and cities nearby. At its first settlement, the region was a part of Dorchester and then became a portion of Braintree 15 years later. Well over 100 years later, Quincy broke off from its titled region of Braintree, and became its own town of Quincy, which it was agreed to be named after the great John Quincy. Nearly another 100 years after the creation of its township, in 1888 Quincy grew into the title of a local City.

Quincy is not only a popular tourist area to visit but it is a very productive and industrial city. Quincy originally prided itself on a hugely productive granite industry. A more recent major productive creation was the creation and development of both Dunkin’ Donuts and Howard Johnson’s.

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