MetroWest is a region located west of Boston and approximately 22 miles from Sound and Visions Media. It is described as a region as it is made up of 10 different communities such as Ashland, Framingham, and Natick. Most of these are located within Middlesex county with the exception of Southborough. This region of towns and cities makes up a population of 191,000. Sound and Vision Media have worked within this area on all kinds of corporate and commercial video production. It is an advanced region that is also labeled the “Arc of Innovation”. This title was given as it is home to many of the largest companies within Massachusetts such as Bose, TJX, and Staples. The MetroWest area is based around technology and large companies so much that its competitor for its name was “Databelt”. “MetroWest ” won over “Databelt ” in the 1983 competition and became the area’s coverage name for its local news channel. Metro stood for the metropolitan area and it was west of Boston, and within a few decades it had become the area’s well known title.

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