Lexington is a famously historic town located in Middlesex County, west of Boston by 10 miles. Lexington is about a 25 mile drive from Sound and Visions media and has been a popular place for our video production crew. The population of Lexington is about 34,000 and was first settled on in 1641. It was originally a farming community for the Europeans, but it is very well known today as the location of the “Shot heard ’round the world.” This was famously the location of the first shot in the American Revolutionary War. The historic significance of this area makes it a fantastic place for video production and the creation of content. There are all kinds of opportunities for historic video productions as well as local business productions. There is a great amount of natural beauty as most of this town is preserved or a preservation area which has made a beautiful place to film and shoot at. Sound and Visions Media have loved working in this area and the opportunities Lexington has provided.

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