Leominster is the second largest city within Worcester county and is northwest of Boston. It is a 51 mile drive and should take a little less than an hour and a half from Leominster to Sound and Visions Media. Leominster has a total area of just below 30 square miles and has a population of just about 44,000. Leominster is a great hub for commuting as it has both route 2 and 12 along it and route 13, interstate 190, and route 117 all connect to it. Leominster is another great location for video production as it has a very long history of industrialization that led to a very proficient and beautiful looking city. Sound and Visions Media has shot video productions many times within Leominster and its local areas as it is a very popular business driven area that casts a backdrop of old brick mills and industrial buildings. Leominster’s history laid the foundation from its boom within the comb industry giving it the title of “Comb City”, to the use of injection molding and inventions of Tupperware and other productions of plastic. The invention of celluloid to be used as a plastic in productions led to the boom of industrialization that created Leominster as a great city of production and industrialization. This history of this city invites all forms of media and video production and has attracted Sound and Visions Media many times. Our company loves working in this area with all businesses alike and the content and companies are always fantastic.

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