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As one of the great cities that harbors along the Merrimack river, Lawrence is a large industrial city that is a part of Essex County. It is an extremely populated City that has 89,143 hard working individuals. Lawrence has a few local neighbors of great communities that surround itself. These communities include Methuen up above to the north, Andover around the corner to the southeast, and North Andover straight over to the east. Around 2 decades ago before county governments were abolished and gotten rid of throughout the Commonwealth, Lawrence held one of the two county seats within its own Essex county. On top of all of the other geographic accolades of the Lawrence area, it sits in a popular area within the Merrimack valley.

Lawrence is known for a few popular accolades and economic achievements, and most stem from their hardy drive of industrialization. The mills and industrial areas drove a huge portion of the economy throughout the history of Lawrence, and they worked with all kinds of products from textiles to paper products to even computer hardware electronics.

The European colonists traveled along the Merrimack river inland from the coast and settled in what was the Haverhill area all the way back in 1640. Lawrence blossomed from an area that was portions of both Andover and Methuen.

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