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Concord is a hugely famous historic town that took part in the American Revolutionary War. This town is on the small side with a population of about 18,500, and is a part of the Middlesex County region. There is about roughly 17 miles of distance between Concord and the Boston Area including Sound and Vision Media in Revere, and Concord is considered to be within the greater Boston Area according to the United States Census bureau. This town has a huge part of the Concord river that has affected its history, and also has major river connections between the Sudbury and Assabet rivers.

The incredible amount of nature was represented by Concord’s original name Musketaquid. This word was algonquian and had to do with nature as it represented or translated to “grassy plain”. Concord was originally established under British rule from English settlers that landed and settled in 1635. Tensions between colonists of North America and British soldiers under the rule of the crown led to conflicts for concord that would lead to and be a major part of the American Revolutionary war. This area would be the location of many historic conflicts as well as lexington as such incidents as “the shot heard round the world”.

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