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Cambridge is a city that is a suburb of Boston and an important part of the Boston Metropolitan area, and it is located within the Middlesex County of Massachusetts. As a runner up behind the cities of Springfield, Boston, and Worcester, Cambridge takes fourth place within the standings of most populated city in the state of Massachusetts with a population of 118,403. Although Cambridge was a part of a county government that had been abolished in the late nineties, it was one of the two de jure county seats which are a part of Middlesex County. Cambridge is located across the beautiful Charles River, and is placed north from the immense city of Boston Massachusetts. The towns original founders’ puritan ideals led to the naming of Cambridge which was in honor of the University of Cambridge, Located all the way over in England.

Before the merging of Radcliffe College with Harvard, it stood as the fifth major school in Cambridge, along with the prestigious Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Halt International Business School, and Lesley University. Kendall Square has legendary recognition as “the most innovative square mile on the planet”. This great title was gained by the very large number of extremely successful startups that were founded within this region of Cambridge.

Cambridge’s economy originally relied heavily on manufacturing, but has now transitioned to one that operates a great amount around educational institutions. The area is full of many successful and wealthy schools, and the most famous two (Harvard and MIT) alone employ around 20,000 individuals within all of their services. Cambridge has been described as a cradle of technological innovation, and has spawned a great number of successful firms. A few of these well known and highly successful firms are Newman or BBN technologies which is a part of Raytheon, Lotus Development Corporation which is a part of IBM, Thinking Machines, and Polaroid.

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