Burlington is a beautiful prosperous town located within the Middlesex County region, and it has a standing population of just over 26,000 individuals.

Although it is just conspiracy, there is a belief that Burlington has taken its name from an English town within Yorkshire known as Brislington. Burlington welcomed its first settlers in the year 1641 but it was not recognized officially until 1799. Much of the original architecture and buildings have withstood the test of time, One of which is the Francis Wyman House which was built all the way back in 1666. Burlington’s original structural or site plans were focused on three major rivers; the magnificent Mystic, the powerful Shaw sheen, and the historic Ipswich rivers. Another river of importance is the Vine Brook which is connected at its end to the Shaw sheen River. This river held importance as it was the home for the industry of Burlington which was founded on the mills along this river.

Although Burlington is a very industrial town within a suburban environment, it was originally a town entirely run on agriculture. Burlington would farm and harvest crops such as hops and rye and that would supply their major income through selling to major local cities, along with other small shops as well. Burlington missed out on potential growth in its early years as it was not a part of the railroad expansion plans, which halted a lot of opportunities for new development. Burlington prevailed through this with their large agriculture and producing power and also supported their own market with things such as milk and fruit products.

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