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Located within the Boston metropolitan area, Brookline is an extremely popular town that is right outside of Boston within Norfolk County. Brookline is a very famous area that has many historic and popular communities as neighbors, some of which are Allston, Brighton, and Fenway-Kenmore. Another large and beautiful city is Newton which lies just around the corner west of Brookline. Although the original settlement name does not give this region credit, Brookline was titled as “Muddy river” in 1638 when it was founded in the boston region just as its own small village. It branched out to become its own town from Boston in 1705.

Brookline stands at a very large size for its government structure of a town. It has a population of just over 63,000 and has the largest population for a town form of government within Massachusetts.

Before this area was taken under colonist rule by the Europeans, it was within Algonquian Territory. It was within the Boston region and considered an outlying territory. This was during the time when it was known as Muddy River Before gaining its independence and becoming Brookline. Its final name was given by its important northern and southern brooks or small rivers that marked their natural borders.

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