Braintree is a town that is also officially a city and a municipality, which is located within the region of Norfolk County Massachusetts. Braintree falls under all of these categories as it has its own mayor council and local government but is viewed as a city/town within the eyes of Massachusetts state law. Braintree is by no means small, standing at just below 40,000 hard working members of their population. Braintree is roughly 13 miles from the heart of Boston and has great access to the fantastic MBTA Lines, specifically the redline. Along with their closeness to Boston, they are associated through the Metropolitan Area Planning Council South Shore Coalition with the city of Boston and this council’s other members. Braintree has only recently been in use as a mayor as Joe Sullivan was Braintree’s first great mayor who served as mayor until the start of 2020. Currently, Braintree’s mayor in office is Charles Kokoris.

Braintree was given its name like a lot of similar settled towns in Massachusetts, and that was through the English. Braintree’s model name comes from a town in England known exactly the same as Braintree, Essex. Its founders settled long ago in 1640, and thus the great city/town/municipality of Braintree was born.

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