Bedford is a town that holds an incredible amount of history to our great nation. Bedford is a town that is a part of Middlesex County and is also located within the Greater Boston area. It is located roughly 15 miles within the northwest direction from Boston and is less than an hour drive from Sound and Visions Media in Revere, MA. Bedford is a relatively small town, with a current population of just below 15,000, but that does not deter its significance to our country and our industry of video production.

Bedford was settled by the Europeans far back in 1640, before it was even declared as Bedford. It was land that was taken art from Concord and Billerica. Bedford founded its own independence as its own town in 1729 from these two other towns claiming its own land and borders.

Bedford’s history is greatly intertwined with our nation’s American Revolutionary War as it was fought on parts of their land. Bedford’s town flag is said to be known as the last surviving battle flag from the revolutionary war that is still intact almost completely. This flag is even more significant as it was the first flag the the United States flew during the start of the American Revolutionary War and was flown within the Battle of Concord. The flag has a Latin inscription on it that is translated to “Conquer or Die”.

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