Arlington is a very popular town located just outside of Boston within the Middlesex County area. It happens to be just six miles northwest of the great city of Boston. This means it is also just eight miles from Sound and Visions Studios office located in Revere, MA. This city has a fairly decent-sized population. It is numbered around 46,000, larger than the average of local towns.

European Colonists were the original settlers of the area of Arlington when it started as just a small village within Cambridge rather than its own town. The village’s name was “Menotomy” before it was Arlington. There is debate as to the true translation of this Algonquian word. The general consensus of the meaning stands for “Swift Running Water”. West Cambridge replaced the title of Menotomy after transactions gained land within the area from parts of Charleston all the way to the Mystic River. In 1867,  the final name alteration took effect and it was finally renamed to Arlington, which was done to honor those whose remains were buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

In addition, one of the most famous and hugely important structures in Arlington is the Mill Brook. This brook flows all throughout the town. It was the location where the longest working mill was built and was the largest reason Arlington’s economy was successful. Captain George Cooke built the first mill here which led to the building of many other mills along the brook, many of which still work to this day.

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