Why Is Our Boston Green Screen Studio So Busy!?

Boston Green Screen Studio

Our Boston Green Screen studio lighting comes with backlights, adjustable sidelights, a key light, and hair lights. It’s also great to have a permanent lighting grid in the ceiling.

Our green screen room is in a cyclorama setting.

All of our lights have custom faders to assure you the best lighting temperature from all angles.

We have designed and arranged the studio in order for the subject to be perfectly lit. Lights can be moved so you are lit for whatever you may be shooting. Once the subject is on the mark, they are looking directly into the teleprompter or into the camera.

Boston Video Production studio, Sound and Vision Media has shot several feature films, documentaries, shorts, and hundreds of music videos. Our studio in Boston has been an important component of all of these green-screen productions. For any production that you may need a green screen, Sound and Vision Media has you covered. Sound and Vision Media has been of service to the Boston area for over 30 years and our audience is expanding by the day. More companies than ever are using our green screen studio to make commercials, corporate productions, and so much more.

Sound and Vision Media has filmed everyone from up-and-coming artists to recording stars.

We can produce branded and various retail projects for corporate clients and private clients, both large and small.

Call us today to book your next production in our green screen studio at (781)284-9707.

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