Who was Ana Parra?

Ana Parra and Sound and Vision Media

Ana Parra for Exatlon on Telemundo.

Exalton Brenda VS Ana

Ana Parra has made quite the media presence lately. Sound and Vision Media’s team of producers, cinematographers, and editors recall when they first worked with Ana.

Owner of Sound and Vision Media, Mark Helms first auditioned Ana Parra back in 2020. At the time, Ana was living in Revere, MA. Director and writer Mark Helms was looking for a new face for Warrendale Appliance of Waltham, MA. Warrendale Appliance has been enlisting the video production service of Sound and Vision Media for some time now. They trusted our team to find the perfect fit for the role in their new commercials.

Mark Helms, and the owner of Warrendale Appliance, Allan Rogers have always worked closely together to create new ideas. Ana Parra was an interesting prospect to Mark. She seemed like a great option because she could star in the English and Spanish commercials. This means that they could be shot on the same day at the store in Waltham. When she came by the studios for the audition, Mark Helms knew immediately that she would be perfect.

Shortly afterward, Personal Injury Attorney Lou Chakolos was looking for an actress for one of his television commercials and Mark Helms quickly recommended Ana Parra. She got the part with ease, expanding her television presence. All of the commercials were written and directed by Mark Helms and Kevin Bowers of Sound and Vision Media. They were well received and the spots were very successful in the Boston area. Ana is a member of the Blue Contestants team, representing the USA. She is also very popular on many social media networks, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Ana Parra the Reality TV Star

Ana Parra standing with her arms crossed on white background in a blue shirt that says "Exatlon" in white.

Ana Parra profile for Exatlon.

Ana Parra got on the radar of Telemundo, sometime later in 2021 and became an excellent athlete on the reality show Exatlón Estados Unidos. She is currently 26 years old and is an accomplished actress and model. She started as a bartender when she lived in Revere, MA, and was born in Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Here she would become a graduate with a Civil Engineering degree.

She moved to Boston, Massachusetts, to continue her professional career and this is where she would make her Television debut. They were aired on several successful television commercials due to Sound and Vision Media of Boston. Along with her superb acting skills, Ana loves all kinds of sports and still models professionally. All of the creative team at Sound and Vision Media greatly look forward to working with Ana Parra in the future. We are beyond excited to see her growth and international success!

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