The video above is a great example of what drone footage can do for your videos. This example is for a local roofing company, Roofing & Siding of Cape Cod and Boston. We got some stunning aerial shots of one of the houses they worked on. The first image scene is an exterior wide shot of the home and its gorgeous view. While the homeowner is describing what was done, we see a before shot of their Spanish-tiled roofing.

We get some close shots of the broken and worn-down tile from multiple angles. Next, we see the before roof sparkle into the new one. It looks as if the drone never moved from the spot hovering over the house. The next drone footage we see is even more close-up shots of the beautiful new roofing tile. Towards the end, we get a few more aerial shots from above the house, then back to the full exterior shot.

Today, drone footage is a common filming style. It’s used in commercials, movies, Youtube videos, and even in wedding videos. Overall, if you have the right operator you can get phenomenal footage for whatever type of content you or your company are making. Here at Sound and Vision Media, we are lucky enough to have some of the most talented drone video production operators on the East Coast!

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