The 4 Essential Parts of Video Production

1. Pre-Production:

The first essential part of video production is pre-production and planning. What are your general ideas and inspirational ideas to get your video into the “go phase”?
What is your ultimate final outcome and goal for your finished video production? And, what is your
million-dollar message, and make it so good that you could tell someone in 30 seconds or less,
then you know that you are into something good, video production-wise. Understand where you
will be shooting, the logistics, your budget, who will be the key players on your video production
team? Who and how will you decide on the cast? Who is your ultimate target audience for your
video, your short film, your feature film, your television commercial, your music video,
corporate video, marketing video, training video web video, etc.

2. Actual video production or the shooting of your video production project

Here is where things get real. The most essential part of video production is the execution of shooting. If everything comes out clear and you are able to execute the plan from pre-production, you are in a good spot to have a successful production.

What is the timeline and the scheduling for your cast and crew, lighting directors,
videographers, hair and make-up artists and the like I call this your “A Team.” You will need to
get solid commitments from not only the actors and the video production crew but also even
have backup video production crew members in place and actors as well, should someone have
to cancel. This actually happens more than you think!
Also make sure that you have all of the right gear set aside, video cameras, batteries, lights,
sound equipment, and backdrops. Make sure that there are no problems with securing all shooting
locations. You may have to have a location manager as often some sets and locations that were
originally available become unavailable, so be prepared for that as well.

3. Post-production stage

Here is the point right after all of the actual video footage has already been shot and the
Director says, “That’s a wrap!” This is where all of your video editing begins, and also you will see
that through viewing multiple takes, that some scenes and shots are better than others, this is
why in the production stage it is always best to over-shoot than under-shoot! In post-production
you can add all of the fancy editing effects or special effects that you desire as long as they
follow along with your original overall vision from when you started your video production. In
post-production getting all of the right music and all of the audio production must be taken care
of delicately because sound, vocals, narration, voice overs foley, or sound effects can actually
make or break a great final video production. And let’s not forget subtitles and when you need
the right type of fonts on the screen for title sections and beginnings and ending segments of
your video production.

4. Distribution and Marketing

This is the part where you are making sure that your intended audience actually sees your final
video production. An essential part of video production is making sure people see the production and it is able to be effective. Setting aside a social media or online marketing budget is important here as everyone is online these days or staring at their phone. Sometimes a public relations friend or
someone who knows the right agent can decide the success or failure of your original video
production. Make sure that the most important people of influence in the media promotion world
today see a trailer or key snippets of the best parts of your video production. They really need
to be seen by people of influence so that they instantly know what they are watching and why
and please make it damn compelling and even fun to watch!
If it is an independent film, then it is easy to see that getting in touch with the programmers of
the specific television and online streaming services channels is so important. You should even
have some clear goals or ideas of exactly where your film should be aired. Agents,
programmers, and key people of influence in the media or in your target market need to hear
about what you have accomplished and see your video production trailer, or preview and make
it easy for them to get in touch with you at all times.

Corporate Marketing Videos

If it is a corporate video or marketing video, please make sure that the people who are in similar
industries see the quality of your work and that your video preview is so good that they will
quickly want to hire you! With the advances in online media and social media, it is very easy to
target these people and see how many responses you have and those who do not.
Sound and Vision Media would most certainly really be interested in helping you along
the way on your marketing and production journey and if you have any questions at all
or need help with your next video production or film or video marketing project, please
feel free to reach out to us here at Boston video production company, Sound and Vision
Media at 781 284 9707 or email us at

Best of luck to you!!

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