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April 4, 2019
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April 29, 2019

Title Boxing Boston

Title Boxing Boston Sound and Vision Media

Sound & Vision Media Marketing Video for Title Boxing Boston

Work out Secrets Revealed!

How to get the best workout of your life in one hour? Sound and Vision Media found the answer!

Owner Mark Helms participated in a work out prior to the shoot, so he could personally experience why Title Boxing at North Station in Boston is number one in New England!

The crew at Sound and Vision Media, led by directors Corey Nichols and Mark Helms captured some great action footage. Many thanks to owner Mike Mustow, the helpful staff, management, and members who were all very camera friendly! We were able to document exactly why Title Boxing Boston at North Station is one of the absolute best work out regimes that tunes up your body in just one hour.

Behind the Scenes:

Title Boxing Boston owner Mike Mustow encouraged Sound and Vision Media’s owner Mark Helms to take a class.

After Mark took the class, he told Mike that it was the best one hour workout  ever. Sound and Vision Media scheduled the video marketing shoot to showcase one of Mike’s premiere Title Boxing locations, at North Station, 226 Causeway Street in Boston.

Here is a look behind the scenes with cinematographers Peter Cheung and Dan Perez De La Garza, and Corey Nichols. Mark Helms directed the instructor’s and student’s testimonials.

One particular student, Siobhan Sherbovich, told Sound and Vision Media that if it were not for Title Boxing Boston at North Station, she would not have been able to run the Boston Marathon! We also filmed instructors Jared Selfridge and Ian Herbert.

About Title Boxing Boston MA

At TITLE Boxing Club North Station, MA we are excited about helping our members accomplish their goals in a supportive environment. Our member of the month, Maria Palacios, has proved her strength by overcoming obstacles and pushing herself to the next level.

Because of our boxing, kickboxing, HIIT classes, and cardio workouts, she has renewed motivation and endurance, and continues to better her health every day. The trainers at TITLE Boxing Club North Station, MA have had Maria’s back since the day she stepped in the club, and they are incredibly proud of her hard work and achievements at TITLE.

TITLE Boxing Club’s authentic, full-body boxing workout is designed to change your body, clear your mind, and engage your spirit. Each class includes a warm up, rounds, active rest, core & cool down to help you achieve your fitness goals. During our classes, TITLE trainers will lead you in an empowering, exhilarating workout that helps you boost your stamina and confidence.

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