The Hole in One

A robot making a hole in one? You heard that right. Sound and Vision Media of Boston recently, once again, had the pleasure of working with Axis New England, during a demonstration of just how accurate their robotics systems really are.

How accurate can these robotics systems be?

As you can see in this video, all of the shots that show the putter on the dark green colored grass are all done with a normal putter operated by a “robot.” Cinematographer, Michael Dunphy of Sound and Vision Media of Boston, clearly demonstrates, through great lighting and shooting techniques, that even with the small slope at the end of the putting green, the robotic putter never misses a shot!

Sound and Vision Media’s work with Axis New England

This is not the first time that Sound and Vision Media has worked with Axis New England. You may remember them from the post on our blog about the robot that could pour a beer for you! If you have not had a chance to read it yet, click here for a link to that article. The team over at Axis New England is making great technological advancements and they are always pushing to better themselves.

They know what is best for their company and they knew that Sound and Vision would be perfect for them. They knew that Sound and Vision Media would be able to capture what they have been working perfectly. With Sound and vision Media being in Revere, right in the heart of the Essex, Middlesex, Suffolk, Norfolk, and Barnstable county areas, it has been very convenient to work with them as they are right over in Danvers MA (Essex county). It is always so fascinating to see what they are working on over there. Axis New England is a great inspiration to push yourself to be able to achieve great things.

Need to take a couple strokes off your golf swing? Ask one of Axis New England’s robots for some help to finally get you that hole in one :)

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