The History of Pinball Documentary

“The History of Pinball” originally aired on the AMC Network. When our company first released this documentary, we had really no idea how many places this original documentary would take our company. We had the great luck of working with Slash of Guns and Roses, Joe Perry from Aerosmith. Also, Major League Baseball slugger, Frank Thomas, Roger Sharpe, the Gottlieb family, and on and on. Since the original “History of Pinball” release we have spent close to a decade shooting and filming incredible, yet-to-be-heard new Pinball stories and I am afraid we are even going to have to re-write some history when it comes to “The Flipper.”

We have been interviewing and filming so many incredible Pinball legends and other enthusiasts for this new documentary. All of us are very excited about the new release of “Pinball the American Game.” To say that there are so many new things happening within the Pinball world in the past 10 years would be an understatement. Very soon, we will just let the footage and the amazing people, the games and their stories do the talking.

We promise that this new documentary will have something for everyone in the world of all ages. It won’t just be for Pinball fans and players. There are so many great new features, stories, interviews, and more regarding, that we may have to make this into a series! If there is one great new documentary in the works that you must see; We certainly hope that it will be ours! Stay tuned for more great news on the release of “Pinball the American Game”. It is proudly presented by Sound and Vision Media and New Video Images.

In the meantime, you can check out “The History of Pinball” on Amazon Prime.

– Owner, Mark Helms

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