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How to make a successful Television commercial campaign that get results! Excitement, Passion and Action!

Warrendale Appliance Commercial Campaign The team at Boston video production company, Sound and Vision Media of Boston has had the great pleasure of working with Warrendale Appliance of Waltham for many years. We have worked with them on a very successful television commercial campaign for many years. They

Local Actress Anya Keelie climbs ladder and changes the weather!

Anya Keelie Changes the Weather! When Sound and Vision Media needed an actress so good that she could change the weather, we called on Anya Keelie. "We had been wanting to work with Anya for some time", said writer and director Mark Helms. Like all great actresses however, Anya Keelie has been very busy

Actress Tina Bell Touches God

Actress Tina Bell Touches God The Sound and Vision Media team created with the idea where Tina Bell would be on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Now, what does this have to do with a TV commercial? Glad you asked! With our fantastic post-production magic, and solid green screen performance from Tina and our top

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