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When it Rains on your Wedding day – Your rings are Free! Wow!!

If it Rains on your Wedding Day, your Rings are FREE! Sound and Vision Media recently worked with Elyse Jewelers on a very unique on-line targeted commercial campaign. It now appears to be doing very well indeed. Elyse Jewelers is based out of Reading,

Effective TV Commercials: Useful Tips on How to Create Them

Commercials and advertisements have long been a way to communicate with viewers and persuade them to invest in your products. Effective TV commercials are the best way to connect with your audience and gain new viewers. When the global pandemic began plaguing the world last year, the use of commercials quickly became a means

Actress Tina Bell Touches God

Actress Tina Bell Touches God The Sound and Vision Media team created with the idea where Tina Bell would be on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Now, what does this have to do with a TV commercial? Glad you asked! With our fantastic post-production magic, and solid green screen performance from Tina and our top

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