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The secret to making a great video production.

At Sound and Vision Media, Mark Helms has been a proud owner, director, writer, and producer for over 25 years. I sat down with Mark and asked if I could tag along with his team on their next shoot. I needed to know their secret to making such great video production. Mark

Being Saved by a Creative Idea” Tell your story the right way with the best video that works!

"Being Saved by a Creative Idea" Tell your story the right way with the best video that works! I may not know you, and I may not know much about your company or future growth plans; however, there are a few things that this Boston video production company owner does know through time and

Effective TV Commercials: Useful Tips on How to Create Them

Commercials and advertisements have long been a way to communicate with viewers and persuade them to invest in your products. Effective TV commercials are the best way to connect with your audience and gain new viewers. When the global pandemic began plaguing the world last year, the use of commercials quickly became a means


HEY, THAT ROBOT POURED MY BEER! New England Axis is a cutting edge motion control solutions company. Recently Sound and Vision Media’s cinematographer Michael Dunphy, got to film at one of their seminars in Hartford, CT. The seminar was a fun-filled “hands-on” experience for everyone. Here we can see some future clients trying to

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