Sound and Vision Media warns you – Stay in your car! The dinosaurs are coming!

The Dinosaurs are Coming!

Once again, Sound and Vision Media had the tremendous opportunity to work with Joe Gold and The Gold Group. Our job at Sound and Vision Media was to help promote through unique and ever-changing video productions for “The DINOSAFARI“. This dinosaur event is happening in many cities throughout the country. So far, sales to these drive-through Dino Safaris have been selling briskly. The show moves from town to town as it has quickly been gaining popularity.

So stay in your car and roll up your windows when you see the dinosaurs…just kidding! You can roll down the windows and have your children and family enjoy this incredibly interactive dinosaur adventure. Be on the lookout for this fun, covid safe experience.

The entire staff at Sound and Vision Media of Boston greatly enjoyed producing these commercials. Again super work from Kevin Bowers and Gianna Pasquale for making these commercials come to life. What you are seeing is only a quick preview of the 30-second Ad airing on television and social media. Also, very special thanks to The Gold Group for allowing us to work on this great family fun experience.

The Gold Group is an industry leader and innovator in the world of marketing promotion and production of experiences and ticketed events.

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