Script Writing: The Filmmaking Process

One of the first steps in video production after a pre-production consultation is scriptwriting. Script writing or a screenplay is the process of writing a story for a feature film, commercial, and more that details character dialogue and actions, and scene settings.

How to Write a Script?

We will be discussing how to write a script for a commercial/a, but that doesn’t make script writing less daunting. Writing lines that the customer will like can be tricky, but if you’ve consulted with the business/client enough, you should know what tone they want. For example, some may want to make the audience laugh and some may want a more serious video. The steps below can help you begin:

  • Conceptualize what you want the commercial to look like
  • Make sure you include the product name, slogan, and or keywords that may relate to the client/business
  • Answer the questions, who, what, when, where, and why that relate to the topic of the ad

Once you’ve done this, script writing should become easier. It’s always a great idea to share your script or ideas with others. This can help strengthen the script and make sure you’ve included everything. It can also help to test out funny dialogue on others to see if it’s actually funny. Also, be sure to double-check spelling and grammar before sending it off for the client’s approval. After your client reads the script, they may want to make some changes. Check back soon for the next steps in the filmmaking process!

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