The Great Bernie Rubin of Bernie and Phyl’s Furniture and the great Boston television commercials

Remembering The Great Bernie Rubin

Here at Sound and Vision Media, we all hold fond memories of working closely with Bernie Rubin. Our hearts go out to his love and family. Bernie’s legacy is etched in our minds and hearts, especially through the furniture of his company, Bernie & Phil. Bernie Rubin’s journey in the furniture business began decades ago with a vision he shared with his wife, Phil.

Together they built Bernie & Phyl’s Furniture from the ground up, turning it into a household name known for quality, affordable prices, and exceptional customer service Their dedication and passion turned a humble furniture store into a thriving business that has hosted countless customers in all places country “Quality, comfort and value – that’s nice!” It touched the homes and minds of people across the country, a testament to Bernie’s lasting presence and influence. His commitment to providing high-quality furniture with Phil’s unwavering support laid the foundation for a business empire based on integrity and excellence

For more than a decade, Bernie tasked Sound and Vision Media with bringing his vision to life through engaging radio and television commercials. It was a partnership built on mutual respect, creativity, and a shared passion for storytelling. Bernie’s infectious enthusiasm and positive spirit permeated each project, making our agency not only a business but a passionate celebration of creativity and innovation. In the crowded Boston television commercial industry, Bernie Rubin stood out as a beacon of warmth and charisma. His genuine love for what he did was palpable, and his presence always brought life to our video-making efforts.
Bernie’s influence extended beyond the showroom floor. He was deeply invested in the community, actively supporting community programs and charities. Whether through donations, grants, or volunteering, Bernie demonstrated his commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others. The legacy of Bernie & Phyl’s Furniture is not only business success but genuine human connection and community strength.
Bernie’s belief in his ability to give back inspired him to make a difference for those around him, leaving an indelible mark on and with the hearts of all those fortunate enough to cross his path mentally When we reflect on Bernie Rubin’s incredible life and legacy, we are reminded of the tremendous impact one person can have on the world around them. His kindness, generosity, and unwavering commitment to excellence will inspire us for generations to come While Bernie may no longer be with us physically, his spirit lives on in the countless lives he shared with Bernie & Into the enduring legacy of Phil furniture.

Bernie was always a breath of fresh air and a great source of creative inspiration for our video production team. Bernie was upbeat and everyone around him found his enthusiasm highly contagious. We have never worked with anyone in the Television commercial business in Boston who was as much fun as Bernie Rubin was!

Our team at Sound and Vision Media will always cherish all of the great memories that we had working with Bernie, Phyl, and the rest of the family on all of their Boston video productions. It was always a great time and we wish his family all the best.

Sound and Vision Media sends our warmest condolences to the Rubins.

Bernie, you will be greatly missed!

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