Retouching for Stunning Results with No Limits! Sound and Vision Media with MIKEADV!

image of woman before and after professional image retouching from mikeadv
Photo Retouching for Stunning Results
before and after of image retouching for steak dish for Alma Gaucha of Boston
Photo Retouching for Stunning Results
image retouching done for a meat dish for Alma Gaucha Restaurant in Boston, a Brazilian Steakhouse.

Photo Retouching Sound and Vision Media

Photo retouching has the power to breathe new life into images When it comes to photography of people, food, or practically anything else, Sound and Vision Media Image retouching is as strong as their Boston videography services. We have attached a few samples here to show you exactly what we are talking about. In these examples, they show our diversity with different kinds of photo retouching. Whether it may be anything from portraits to food photography, to anything in between, Sound and Vision Media has you covered?

We shoot our photographs in the field RAW, just like our videos so that the video production and the photography can all be enhanced to the best quality possible. The only limit with our Boston Video production and our Boston photography services is our client’s imagination.

So, ask yourself, how great would you like your photos or videos to look after we have shot everything?

We will always have many suggestions; however, the final result is totally in the hands of our clients. Enjoy all of the attached images and think about how great you would like to look in the end. The team here at Sound and Vision Media is comprised of multiple members who are very experienced in Photoshop so you will always be looking your best! When it comes to photography and retouching there is no one better in the Boston area.

Green Screen Photography

Another perk of coming to Sound and Vision Media for all of your photography needs is the access to our in-house green screen studio! Our green screen studio opens the door for so many different opportunities to be creative. With a green screen, you are in more control and can make your photos come out exactly how you picture them. There are no limitations and we are here to make your visions come to life!

In collaboration with MikeADV, Sound and Vision Media photography and video production can guarantee that we can take you wherever you want to go! Are you ready?

If you have any questions or would like a free consultation, call us today at (781)284-9707.

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