Quirk Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram TV Commercial

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Quirk Chrysler Jeep Dodge TV Commercial
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This TV commercial production was produced for Quirk Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Marshfield, Ma.

Director’s Mark Helms and Matt Thurber worked with the staff at Quirk Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Marshfield The T.V. commercial uniquely shows that everyone is running into the Quirk Summer clearance event.

The production shows the viewer the urgency to purchase a vehicle now for a great deal, by beginning the production with lots of people leaving the beach and heading into Quirk. This commercial was shot in entirely in Marshfield, Massachusetts. This is just one of many unique creative car commercial campaigns shot by Sound and Vision Media of Boston.

The director is Mark Helms and the producer is Ted Grosso of the Grosso creative Group. This successful and affordable television commercial was all shot in the same day as the entire production team and staff at Quirk worked together successfully. Casting provided by Jodi Purdy.


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