Outlook Restaurant

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July 29, 2014
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Outlook Restaurant TV Commercial

Outlook Restaurant TV Commercial

  • TaskTV Commercial - Nashoba Valley Ski Area - Outlook Restaurant

This is a television commercial produced for the Outlook Restaurant at the Nashoba Valley Ski Area.

Director Mark Helms worked with Sound and Vision Media staff cameraman and lighting technician Alex Pickering to create a cozy and welcoming commercial for the Outlook.

Mark Helms wrote the script with assistance from Al Fletcher and Pam Fletcher of Nashoba Valley as well. There are several nice food shots here as well as nice exterior shots of the restaurant at the Nashoba Valley resort.

All of the production team at Sound and Vision Media had a great time shooting and producing this commercial and we are all looking forward to assisting Al Fletcher and his team with their new Witch’s Woods T.V. commercial, which should be airing soon.

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