Sound & Vision Media Video Production Team

Mark Helms - Owner - Sound & Vision Media

Mark Helms

Owner / Creative Director / Copy Writer / Producer / Voice over Talent / Plays Lots of Pinball

Radio, TV, Film, and Business Major graduate of James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia.

A pinball addict since the age of 14, Mark has produced hundreds of TV commercials, green screen videos and original television programs.

Chuck Vitale / General Manager

Charles “Chuck” Vitale

General Manager / House Band / Master Chef / Collector of Ephemera

Every successful business needs someone like Chuck who wears many hats while doing it with style and aplomb.

As a 30+ year veteran of Sound & Vision Media, we have come to depend on Chuck’s steady and knowledgeable hand at the helm.

Corey Nichols - Sound and Vision Media Revere, MA

Corey Nichols

Director of  Photography / Filmmaker / Videographer / Editor / Photographer / Salem Fast Food Scene

Corey is a director of photography & seasoned editor who is skilled with After Effects, Premiere, Blender, Lightworks, & Final Cut.

Ari Mendes - Sound and Vision Media

Ari Mendes

Musician / Audio Production & Editing / Music Producer

His record label, “CAMARIM”, and his storied music producer successes are well known “go-to” resources appreciated by artists from around the world.

Ari’s capabilities offer not only the best equipment and sound quality, but also a knowledgeable and friendly staff (everyone is a musician), comfortable Sound and Vision Media facilities, and honest, low key support in the publishing, marketing, distribution, copyright and career guidance areas and the business of music in general .

Peter Cheung - Editor - Sound and Vision Media

Peter Cheung

Video Editor / Producer / Back to the 70’s / Palace Doorman

Graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Peter is an invaluable member of the team.

He started producing polished plays for the Aruba school system in the 4th grade to the amazement of his teachers, parents and fellow students.


Joe Angrisano

Web Development / Digital Marketing / Search Engine Optimization / Invented Warp Drive

Joe first discovered the internet and building websites via Alta Vista, Netscape, a Commodore Computer, Tripod and Microsoft Frontpage. He soon found himself fascinated with animated gifs, star field backgrounds and very big fonts.

Today, he’s taking care of WordPress builds and updates, SEO, Social Media, Content and Google for Sound & Vision Media’s web presence and their clients.

Jamison Jacobs

Web Development / Digital Marketing / Search Engine Optimization / Specializing in Monetizing your Online Presence

Originally programming in the 80’s Jamison has been building websites for over twenty years. He’s developed databases for companies, focused search engine optimization, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIN Ads and developed marketing campaigns that get results.  He’s developed websites for colleges, and universities, start-ups, small and large businesses, non-profits, and the medical community.

Jamison loves to travel, enjoys great coffee and produced the film, The Great Lesson on mind-body connection.


On Location with Strategies for Youth, Cambridge, MA

Aaron Clay

Chief Audio Production Engineer / AV Technician / Field Audio Engineer / Nine Inch Nails Enthusiast

Aaron found himself fascinated by RCA plugs, potentiometers, head phones and crystal radios at a very early age.

His mastery of the latest production tools, equipment, and software along with on-location or in-studio sound design, is essential to a polished audio or video project.

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