The Maverick Boston Subway stop, MA

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) has different transit lines in the subway system and part of its stations in the underground system is the Maverick Subway in Boston, MA. What is the history of this iconic station; the schedule; and other vital information? Read this guide for answers to these questions.


There are many rapid transit lines in Boston, MA but the Maverick station is on the Blue Line and the Easternmost underground station. The station is located in East Boston not far away from the Logan International Airport. Some urban sources claimed that the Station was named in honor of Maverick from Top Gun. The station is located in East Boston and it serves as the transfer stop for various buses. The Maverick subway stop is one of the last stations to be remodeled to the 6-car train that had been introduced by MBTA in 1897. The station is located at Summer St and Maverick sq, East Boston, MA.

Brief history

The Maverick subway stop was originally a streetcar tunnel and a portal when the East Boston tunnel opened for operation in 1904. The station was known then as the Maverick Incline or Maverick Portal. Due to the absence of a station, the streetcars would leave the portal and then proceed north or southeast.

About two decades later, on precisely the 18th of April, 1924, the tunnel was modified to rapid transit, thus the beginning of what is now known as Maverick station today. There were still streetcar loops between the transit lines and they were still operated till January 4, 1952. Because of this, the Maverick subway has wider platforms. Parts of the old Maverick incline now serve as pedestrian access to the station.

Renovation to present status

Since its elevation to a station in 1924, the Maverick subway has undergone a series of renovations and reconstruction. The latest was the 2005 30.8 million dollar renovation contract, which led to the opening of the new station in August 2009.

The renovation of the station started in 1998 with the design of the new station and the ventilation of the East Boston tunnel. The contract was awarded in 2005 and construction began immediately. The renovation of the station included the new headhouse at Lewis Mall to include an elevator, the replacement of the Maverick Square headhouse to include an elevator also, an extension of the platforms for 6 cars and trains, and the creation of a dedicated busway.

By the time the renovation was completed in 2009, the cost had increased from 30.8 million dollars to 56.3 million dollars. This was because of a change in orders and a design error by MBTA.

Features in the station

Being a public subway station, the Maverick stop has some fascinating features that would always want you to come back to the station. The following are some of the features available at the Maverick subway stop in Boston.


Entering and exiting the Maverick subway stop is without hassle. This was partly due to the last reconstruction work done in the station. You can access the station through an elevator or an up-and-down escalator.


The parking spaces at the Maverick subway station are owned and operated by the MBTA. However, there are other municipal or privately owned parking spaces close to the station. For safety, the parking lots are paraded 24 hours. There could be limited parking spaces during winter.

The fare at the station

You can purchase your fare at the station or in some shops in Boston. Just like the fare of other MBTA services, the charges are flexible and in different packages. You can opt for any of the packages, depending on your preference. Some customers are even qualified for reduced fares.


In a situation where you are not satisfied with any of the services at the Maverick subway stop or you observe something such as cleanliness, there is a channel where you can voice your displeasure or other feedback.


The station is on the Blue Line of the MTDA and takes customers to different destinations. There is a track map lined with light bulbs at the station, which shows the position of trains between Bowdoin and Orient Heights.

Reviews from previous customers

Many customers had used the station since its inception. While some have positive things to say about the station, some also have unsatisfactory comments. The following are some online reviews about the Maverick subway stop.

  • The station is very nice and trains are always on time, even though buses do sometimes show up early or late. The station is new and very clean and the blue line is always on time to the minute.
  • Great stop in a nice location. Being that it’s MBTA, it’s nothing to write home about but it is the nicest stop on the Blue Line. There are two entrances. The South entrance gives good views of the city and has benches and stuff nearby.

Closest Landmarks to Maverick Boston subway stop

If you are coming to Maverick for a holiday or business, there are hotels and restaurants close to the station where you can enjoy your stay. Below is a list of some of the nearest landmarks to the Maverick subway stop.

Embassy Suites

The hotel is located by Hilton Boston at Logan. It is approximately 0.4 miles away from the station, about 15 to 20 minutes walking distance. The hotel has a small but functioning pool, friendly staff, a parking space, and many more.

Hilton Boston Logan Airport Hotel

This is a perfect choice for those who are visiting Maverick from other states. You can access the station easily from the hotel with the 24-hour shuttle bus.

Kelly Square Pub

This restaurant is located at 84 Bennington St, Boston. It is about 0.8km from Maverick. It is a perfect place to have lunch while waiting for your train schedule.

The Maverick subway stop has been serving numerous customers for decades. It has undergone remodeling that will keep it in touch time.

The Maverick Boston Subway Station is located just 12 Min from Sound and Vision Media’s Downtown Boston Office

Sound and Vision Media’s Rever Office is easily accessed from the Maverick Boston Subway Station via public transit!

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