Logo Design with MikeADV

Step-by-step logo design

The video above is a peek into MikeADV’s process when creating a logo design. It begins with Mike sitting down and meeting with the client. He’ll discuss ideas he has and what their vision for their logo is. Once he has an idea of what the client wants, the sketching begins. Even though this is a rough sketch, this step can take a while. He makes sure he can turn the vision in his head into reality. Once a rough sketch is finished, Mike opens up photoshop. He copies over his design and cleans up the sketch, as he redraws it on his computer. This step can be even more tedious, especially if you’re a perfectionist like Mike. There are many intricate designs throughout the piece he is creating. Lastly, to finish off the design he adds color. This makes the logo design come to life. The gold against black makes it shine and stick out against many other logos you may see. This is great for the company, especially if they have competition. Of course, if the client wants any changes made he’ll go back in to make them, but if not the process is complete and the client is happy with their new logo design.




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