Local actress and model Laurem Payano makes Mass Care Link Television Commercial shine!

You are looking at the face of one of Boston’s most talented models and professional actresses in the Latina community, Ms. Laurem Payano. This is a screen capture from a recent 30 second commercial that will be airing on Univision of Boston. This 30 second television commercial was written, produced and directed by Mark Helms, owner of Sound and Vision Media. It could not be for a better cause – Masscarelink.org.

Mass Care Link is a MassHealth Homecare Provider. Mass Care Link can help caregivers access much needed financial assistance provided by MassHealth insurance to adult foster caregivers. If a friend or relative in your care needs help with daily activities, you may qualify for monthly financial assistance from MassHealth. They will help provide the care that they deserve. Adult home care or adult foster care offers an alternative to residential care for recipients.

Adult Foster Care is funded by MassHealth (Medicaid). They allow someone to provide 24-hour care for qualified members in their own homes. Caregivers receive a tax-free payment for their services, to help with the burden of care.

Who Qualifies?

Adult Foster Care services through MassHealth could be the solution for adults unable to live on their own. Let them retain the dignity and freedom of living at home. Who qualifies? Great question! If you are taking care of someone at home 16 years or older, they have MassHealth Insurance, and they require assistance with at least one daily task, then you may qualify for Mass Care Link’s services. These tasks include bathing, walking, dressing, eating, bathing, and more.

Mass Care Link stands alongside caregivers to make a full-time commitment to caring for their loved ones. Their team is comprised of registered nurses and caregiver managers that are always available. They offer the highest level of care, and offer on-going monthly financial assistance. Call Mass Care Link today at (866)880-8889 or simply log on to www.masscarelink.org.

It was Sound and Vision Media’s pleasure to work with the team at Mass Care Link on this important cause! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this production. Sound and Vision Media is an award winning video production company that has been in existence for over 35 years. Our favorite productions to make are those with a great message like this one. We love to help with any video production no matter what it may be. Here at Sound and Vision Media, we love to help companies spread their message. Our extensive audience across the country is waiting to hear from you! We look forward to a successful on-going relationship with Mass Care Link!

If you have any questions, call Sound and Vision Media today at (781)284-9707. We hope to hear from you soon!

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