Local actress Ana Parra Modelo makes a move from Sound And Vision Media to International Television Stardom!

Local actress Ana Parra Modelo makes a move from Sound And Vision Media to International Television Stardom!

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It was certainly great working with Ana Parra lately, creating television commercials here at Sound and Vision Media of Boston. None of us at Sound and Vision Media realized how quickly Ana could catapult to worldwide fame. Exatlon is one of the most-watched shows on Telemundo NBC networks today. It’s on nightly Monday through Friday at 7 pm.

Ana Parra standing with her arms crossed on white background in a blue shirt that says "Exatlon" in white.

Ana Parra Exetlon Profile

Originally, when Ana Parra Modelo met Mark Helms, she informed Mark that she didn’t have a lot of acting experience. She was more of a model at this time. Mark Helms quickly realized that she did have the intelligence and the poise to be a very great actress. After writing the script and explaining the scenes to Ana, Mark Helms was impressed at her ability to act and molded the script around her and the client to weave an interesting story. In the end, everything worked out perfectly, and soon well-renowned Personal Injury attorney Lou Chakalos became a household name throughout New England.

Meanwhile, director and writer Mark Helms cast her again for a New England appliance store, Warrendale Appliance of Waltham. Once again, she struck gold! The Warrendale commercials featuring her were incredibly popular throughout the Northeast. This of course was very beneficial to Ana Parra, who received maximum television exposure around Boston.

It also helped Warrendale Appliance increase its sales, and they have been growing ever since. We are all very happy to have had the honor and the great pleasure of working with the talented Ana Parra. Everyone at Sound and Vision Media wishes her nothing more than continued tremendous success on Telemundo’s television series (owned by NBC Networks) or on the big screen. Super congratulations, Ana Parra! Watch her in action here.

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