How does Sound and Vision Media take care of everything ?

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October 18, 2019
Oh the wonders of Sound and Vision Media Green Screen Studios! Here’s a sneak peek (One shot) of our latest video production, a super KickStarter campaign for Omniview Sports. Soon you’ll be watching every game you want to watch, whenever you want to watch it, all in real time! Their new product, the “Gamechangr” will change the way you watch sports forever! Stay tuned for more great creative from Sound and Vision Media, where all of our content gets ALL of our clients RESULTS!
Green Screen Power! – “Never miss a great game.”
November 22, 2019

How does Sound and Vision Media take care of everything ?

The Best Way To Create a high quality video production and a high resolution photograph at the same time !

Capturing the right moments and creating astonishing stories is our focus. 

Let Sound And Vision Media of Boston capture the best moments with our seasoned production team. We can shoot your production in 1080p-4K-6k resolution video AND we can also shoot high resolution photographs at the same time! As you can see in the photo above, captured during the video shoot. 

Are you considering creating a custom video that tells your unique story? Allow Sound And Vision Media of Boston to create broadcast videos as well as state of the art professional photography in the same session. 

This saves you time and money! 

What you see above is exactly what Sound and Vision Media created for OmniView sports a national online viewing embedding application that allows you to never miss a sporting event by automatically switching to the sporting events that you want to see based on your preferences. It also offers live bet tracking as well. You will never watch live sports again after experiencing the “Game Changer” from OmniView Sports! National commercial coming soon, stay tuned!

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