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Green Screen Studios!

Here’s a sneak peek (One-shot) of our latest video production, a super Kickstarter campaign for Omniview Sports.

Omniview Sports’ new product, the “Gamechanger,” changes the viewing of all sports. The “Gamechanger” makes it so any sporting event will be available in real-time! Stay tuned for greater creativity from Sound and Vision Media. All of our content gets all of our client’s results!

With a green screen, the opportunities are endless. The only limit is your imagination. You can change the background image, add different kinds of special effects, and so much more. You can also add so many different tricks and effects. In a video, the final output shows a man looking at his own video on a computer where the “him” version of the computer sticks his hand out of the screen and gets the soda in front of the computer. For this desired effect, you have to use two green screens and plan everything out beforehand. The first is where there is a green cloth in front of the man and he gets the soda. The second shot is where he is at the side and stares at blank space. Then you overlap the two images and create the effect.

No Limits

You can also try out other things. With a green screen, the only limitation is your imagination and you’ll never have to settle. Another video shows a man getting out of his flat-screen TV attached to the wall. This, too, has been made possible with the use of a green screen. In this video, we used two green screens and each has a different purpose. Two shots are captured using two green screens. One acts as the foreground and the other as the background. He stepped over the first green screen and stepped on his table. On his second shot, he only took a video of his TV. When these two videos were combined, it gives the illusion of a man from the parallel world inside the TV sneaking out of his TV prison. Amazing isn’t it!?

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